This site will be mostly dedicated to PC, Or Laptop problems.But also random blogs and life events and feelings, I intend to share my knowledge of them and also share articles that will help you to gain an easier grasp of how to Troubleshoot problems, Fix errors, Make backups,  Install Software & Hardware, Format and reinstall version of Windows, Linux and possibly Mac.
Also I will share a lot of freeware programs that may benefit you as an Antivirus, A system cleaner & Defragmenter , An internet downloader etc..
I also intend to post tutorial video’s of how how to perform the above, Mostly the hardware changes.


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Life Lessons

There comes a time in a persons life where they looks truly within, what they find there is themselves , all of the time they will find themselves. Sometimes what we see in us isn’t pretty, sometimes it’s an illusion and we can be self-critical, no matter how hard you look you will always find something to deal with, The fact … Continue reading Life Lessons

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